Passion Project Turned Business


Hi there! My name is Brittney and I’m the owner of Hamilton Wax Co. 

Hamilton Wax Co. is a passion project turned business. As a full time graphic designer, I was starting to get burnt out creating only in front of a screen. I wanted to be able to create something beautiful and tangible. I also love package design, photography, and marketing. I decided it was time to challenge myself to be creative in all of those aspects. Being a candle lover myself, I thought what better craft to learn! Candles are simple gifts but also perfect treats for ourselves. After a few months of learning the science behind candle making, I started dreaming up the brand name and look. My studio (and home) is based in Hamilton Park, Lancaster, Pennsylvania from which I drew my inspiration.

I try to be very mindful of each new scent that I release. I gather dozens and dozens of samples before deciding on a single new fragrance. While it’s impossible to please everyone all the time, I aim to choose scents that can be loved and never offensive to clientele. There are the gift-giving classics like Vanilla Bean and Lavender Vanilla or very unique and fresh fragrances. I intentionally use natural fragrance oils in my candles because I never want a synthetic smell in my product. My two best sellers, Fig & Rhubarb and Fresh Basil both gather the same reaction - “Fresh, Clean, Natural.” 

My favorite part of owning my candle business is meeting customers in person and watching them experience something that I created. It’s amazing and inspiring the stories that people share when smell evokes a certain memory. One of my favorite stories that has stuck with me is about my limited edition Mistletoe holiday candle. They exclaimed, “This reminds me of when Grandma would pull the Christmas decorations out each year for us to decorate. It just smells like Christmas.” Another was a warm summer memory of a mother picking fresh basil from their garden to cook with each evening. 

It’s just so special and such an honor to share little glimpses of their memories. My newest scent release is coming the middle of this month and it is inspired by Sunday brunching, one of my favorite things to do! I can’t wait to hear the stories that are shared when my customers pick this one up!