Leading with Heart

We are more powerful than we ever dreamed. We are each born with our own little mechanisms and compasses to show us the way.  We cannot let fear of getting it wrong or failing keep us small anymore.

We need to shine!  We need to full on embrace the power within us!
We need to show up blazing! We need to be the light!

We are powerful agents of change.  Our intuition is our guide and we can trust it to lead us to good things and beautiful places. Let's feel our power and intentionally put ourselves in places where we bolster our courage and where every cell of our being leans into what's possible.  Let's not shrink back at what we don't know or what we haven't gotten figured out. Instead, we must lead ourselves with engaged minds and hearts. As we do, we will find ourselves leading others to also think bigger and level up. We'll engage in larger opportunities and more impactful specialities will come our way.  

We get to seize the day and make our mark. We get to develop resilience by turning the pages one by one, learning lessons, becoming stronger, and growing deeper. We get to go inward again and again and rework and reframe the things we believe. We get to surround ourselves with beliefs that serve us and set us up to thrive.  We get to choose the things we meditate on and the perspective we dwell on. We get to see ourselves winning, thriving, flourishing, delegating, growing, blooming, smiling, dancing, delighting, and showing up every day to engage and make a difference.

We are the generation choosing to do motherhood and business. Our passions and
dreams fuel us to make us better spouses, mothers, and friends.

Instead of pushing down or shutting off the flow of ideas and creativity that bubble out of our souls, we are leaning into it, making channels for it, and directing it to flow, touch and transform first us and then others around us. We haven't figured it all out, but the fear of not knowing or screwing it up doesn't keep us paralyzed anymore. This is the land of opportunity and these are the days of dreams coming alive. We will listen to our hearts and be led by our intuitions.

We will say I'm sorry when we become aware of the times that we have gotten carried away and let the proportions of life and business get skewed. We will lead with heart and champion our children to do the same. We will wake up and show up in all our beautiful power. And at the end of the day when our head hits our pillow, we will be filled with the pride and joy that only comes from pursuing our dreams and building them from the inside out.

May our vision guide us and our souls continue
to be filled by doing the work we were born to do.