Internal Work for External Growth

Every next level that we desire to reach takes risk.  

Each time we risk, we confront limiting beliefs and old mindsets that have yet to be cleared. We face the choice to go deeper inside ourselves or not.

In the same way a skyscraper has immense support and reinforcements below the surface, so do the successful entrepreneurs and leaders we admire. They have done extensive internal work to continue supporting and preparing for the external growth. Internal work isn't glamorous or even always popular, yet without it, external success will be short lived. Internal work prepares us to handle more relationships and frequent tough conversations. Internal work reminds us why we're doing what we are doing. Internal work happens in conjunction with the next risk you are about to take. If you stunt your internal growth, your project and the dream you are building will flatline. Internal growth for entrepreneurs and leaders is as important as breathing.  If we begin to coast and ignore our heart care and soul food, we become toxic and begin tainting everyone around us. What we've built successfully though years of hard work will begin to feel crushing, stifling, and suck the very life and creativity out of us.  When we no longer feel inspired and awakened to new possibilities and opportunities, we will want to run and hide and escape what we've built. It no longer feels life-giving and while we know we aren't doing well, we aren't quite sure what to do about it. People are depending on us and we're responsible not just for ourselves, but for others who trust us and look up to us. It can be an overwhelming place to be and many businesses close under the pressure and scrutiny. We feel guilt for wanting to quit. We feel selfish for wanting to run away. We can't explain all the thoughts that flood our minds daily about why we succeeded and how things worked until now. We don't understand what's happening but we can't draw fresh breath and we know this isn't sustainable. When we feel all these things -it's a clear indicator that our external growth has overtaken our internal growth, our support and practices.  We need more quiet. We need more meditation. We need more creating with our hands. We need more time by water and listening to the running sounds that soothe our soul. We need more inspiration and time to just be. We need to be in tune with our heart and what our spirit is saying.

“If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.” ~Jack Welch