Work, Rest, Repeat.

Sometimes in business, you “gotta do what you gotta do.” Even though you're tired and you've given it all you got, you have to give more. Deadlines can do this or holiday orders can do this or just the pressures of daily life. It's in times like this that you have to remember your why. When you feel like you can't give any more - remembering your why can give you another little burst of courage to do it one more time. To that that one extra step. It's ok to push ourselves to hit deadlines and give until we're completely rung dry, but only for short bursts of time. We can't sustain this pace. After seasons of intense pressure, we must slow down and rest. We must take care of ourselves or we will burn out.

Did you just come out of a season that you didn't think you'd make it through? Perhaps think of hiring help or delegating more household chores so that when you're home - you can rest and care for yourself. Remember, nothing in nature blooms all year and neither can we. We're all better after rest; caring for ourselves is what gives us something meaningful to share with others.

How will you care for you this week?