When Creative Minds Think Alike

Whatever you’re creating and whatever niche you’re in, chances are that you are hyper aware of all the other creative people doing what you’re doing.

At times, it may even cause you to want to quit - simply because who needs another ______? There are already so many people offering something similar.  Or you have actually created something new and different or you’ve developed a new twist on something that existed before. You know that it won’t be long before others are creating something similar. Maybe even being inspired by you.

The best thing in either scenario is to continue being captivated by what you see and to continue letting your creativity unfold and keep you inspired. It is so easy to look at others, but choose instead to look at what’s happening in you right now and right in front of you.  Beauty is coming from within you and what you need to create comes from inside you, not from others. Focus on what makes you special and continue to do that thing. Because no one else can do it like you do it. No one can come close to what you do if you are doing it straight from your heart, living in your sweet spot. Your people will always find you.  

There’s enough room at the table for all. Keep doing your work and keep your blinders on if you need to - so that you’re able to give yourself 100% to the work right in front of you. Others can do their thing. You do yours. The world is beautiful when each creates from their heart and each is willing to offer the best of what they have and be satisfied that they are enough.  Do your work. And do it your way. You have something to offer and it’s beautiful and unique. Let it live and find it’s way to the hearts and souls of those who need it most. And let it remind you every day to be true to yourself and to honor the creative process within you.