As You Take The Next Step, The Next Step Will Appear

I know where I want to go in life, but I don’t know how to get there. I can see the need, envision the dream, and even muster up the bravery to speak it aloud, but it is the act of stepping into the unknown that unlocks the next part of the story. What if the purpose of our journey is not a destination to hang our hat on, but rather an unfolding that continues to unfold again and again, over the span of a lifetime? This unexpected bloom can happen when we are not looking, and in time we can come to trust and anticipate the secrets that are revealed in the folds.

Take comfort in pacing yourself, not everything must be done today. Give yourself permission to place certain goals on the back shelf of your mind while you reach for setting goals that are in front of you. Sometimes, it takes stepping back in order to see which goals need dusting off, prioritized, and set into motion. When you focus on what is at hand, you’ll find that time and space has a funny way of helping sort out the details. Those back-shelf-goals will step forward one by one, they’ll get their turn and it won’t feel so overwhelming.

Isn’t it freeing to remember that we are not the maker and creator of all things? Humanity and divinity work together in birthing something new. We don’t have to force our plans or resist change, we can playfully engage as Learners. We can lean in with curiosity to discover what is being born. Welcome, and enjoy being involved in such an extravagant display of creativity and design.  

We get to figure it out. We get to ask questions. We get to wrestle with our experiences and express our answers through a variety of art forms. We get to take chances. We get to take our time getting acquainted with both the deep disappointments in life as well as the lofty successes. We get to play a part in how our life looks and feels. After all, there is no Plan B for your life! I used to think that I had messed up what God intended to be my Plan A, and that all I could do was make the most of Plan B, C or D with whatever time I had left. Now I believe our lives include all the colorful and broken pieces of every letter of the alphabet forwards and backwards, while still wholly and beautifully remaining our Plan A, through and through.

Gratitude and faith help us get from where we are today, to where we want to be. It is a bridge that is crossed in a thousand tiny steps, and each step calls us to stay for however long it takes to make a footprint that only you can make. Look around, see who has tread a similar path before you. Take heart as you take notes of your unique journey, and know that your steps also play a part in leading those to come.