How it all began...

The story is pretty simple on how I got to where I am in my journey as an artist. I found a table for free...plopped it in the corner of our one bedroom apartment and started selling my paintings. That’s how LaneyBell Designs was born. It’s the journey getting to that point that is a little bit more complex.

My parents have always been the type of parents to encourage and support whatever our likes and interests were. School was hard for me and they understood that. I don’t even know how I passed algebra and chemistry because when numbers enter my brain I swear they turn to mush. Anyway, art was my thing. The art room was my place. Art has always been what gets me through. The picture below is some of the art from my high school days! Feels like a lifetime ago!


After graduating high school there were many days that I felt like a bit of a lost cause with not a clue of which career path I wanted to take. I did some more schooling because why not. I never really had a direction in where I was going with it. The whole time though my mom was in the background continuously pushing me toward my art.

Enough of the sappy….this is where the fun begins! I decided to be done with school. It wasn’t my thing. After a series of events I started a photography business! Shortly after that I started dating my now husband, we got married, and had our first baby girl. Once I became a mom I knew the running around doing photo shoots wasn’t what I wanted to do. I knew it was time to get serious with my painting. And I did. God had this way of always making the path so clear….which I needed. 

So now this brings me to the very beginnings my business as an artist selling her art. I remember one night I just broke out the paints and went to town. We had a family shop at the time so a few days later I brought the paintings down to the shop, put a price tag on them and they were sold in a week. And that is how it all started. It’s funny looking back at the first paintings because I’ll just say….I think I have come a long way, but from the beginning I knew God was blessing this little endeavor. Here is the very first batch I did....


Fast forward a couple of months, I was still in my first year of marriage and a mother to a 2 month old and now learning about running a business and to really throw a curveball in there…..I just found out I was pregnant. 

It was after Helena was born that I opened an etsy shop. You know…..that’s normal right? Open an online store when you have a 1 year old and a newborn… By the grace of God they were on the same nap schedule from pretty early on and I continued to work during naptime. It all just worked and God was always paving the way.


I built my business from the corner of our kitchen, during our children’s naptime, on a table I found for free. It has been a journey. Lots of ups and downs, I have learned A LOT, but to have used my love for art to make a living from home so that I can have these years with my girls and that is something I am and will be forever thankful for.

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