Seasons of Learning

There are seasons for devouring information - reading and taking in all the tips, tricks and ideas for how to run your business and grow yourself.  There are also seasons when you are in action mode and you’re doing all the things and we simply need to be quiet and focus. When you’re doing such intense work, listening to podcasts, reading books or taking online classes might make your head ache because you simply can’t take in more information.  It’s ok to turn it all off when you feel this way. This just means you’re fully engaged and listening intently to yourself.

With so much content readily available for us to access, it’s tempting to purchase the next course or quick fix and let’s be honest, every day we’re bombarded with options of things to make us more successful, help us get unstuck or help us reach our goals. All of that is good, but sometimes we just need to put to practice what we already know and just put our next foot forward.  

If you’re in a season of needing quiet and feeling like even a simple podcast or book is too much that it makes your head spin, try turning it off and turning up your own voice.  Instead write and draw. Brain dump and just sort through the ideas in your head. Just focus on what’s right in front of you and block out all the noise for now.

We promise you’ll need the books and podcasts and online classes again, but for now it’s ok to just be quiet. You were born with an internal directional system. Your intuition is telling you what you need and when. Just listen and be led.  You’re doing beautiful things.