Terrain at Styers

There are a few places in all the world that I claim as my favorite places on earth. Now granted, I haven’t explored as much of the world as I wish I would have up to this point, but I’m in a stage of life that requires me to stay close to home and not wander all over the globe. One day I hope to travel more again and satisfy my wanderlust. All this to say, one of my favorite places on earth is Terrain at Styers in Glen Mills, PA, about 1 hour from my house.

The atmosphere is dreamy and inspiring, a true feast for the eyes. Everywhere you look there is beauty to see, from the plants they offer to the housewares they display to the food they serve in the cafe. I don’t often buy much there since it’s usually a little out of my budget, but I do get ideas of things I can create at home or buy elsewhere.

I love the greenhouse area of the cafe and always request to eat in there when I visit. I highly recommend you make reservations online days or even weeks before you would like to visit. Otherwise you have a long wait when you just walk in, and you don’t get to request where you sit to eat.