The Flow of Creativity

We create, not for others, but for ourselves. Deep satisfaction and soul-filling richness flows into us as we create and also flows out - along with what we’ve created. And that attracts people. The raw, uncapped flow of a person connected to their creativity will draw in others to experience and receive from the flow of creativity.

In this safe place, others will become awakened to their own ideas and while they might start out by imitating, they will move on to discover their own rhythms and nuance. But only if they remain open to the flow of creativity. It’s not something that should be shut off and then turned on as a faucet. It’s a way of life - a way of being. There’s a natural, always awakened, always full-of-wonder curiosity that leads creatives from one project to another.

An uncapped rawness and flavor and essence. We want to just be around creative people because their energy feels so good. They’ve learned to honor the creative process and surrender to the ideas and provision for those ideas straight from the hand of God. For it brings Him nothing but pleasure to give that we might make and in the making that we may fall in love with ourselves and with Him, our maker, over and over again. That as we create, we are daily reminded of His abundant love and care over us and the way He sets us in motion to refuel and energize ourselves by doing what we love and by making Him famous in the process. For He said of creating us, “It is good” and began looking on - with delight in His eyes as we took what we knew and started to try, to create. He loves to partner with creativity by prompting ideas and affirming our identity.

When we are in the flow of creativity, our work reminds us that we are His, affirms us in who we are, and shows us that in making - we are doing our best work.