The Open Door

I trust when I see an open door
that I can go through it 
no fear cannot close it

I trust when I see an open door 
that faith's gone before to get ready for me 
and is waiting just inside 

I trust when I see an open door
I've got what it takes if I just show up
with courage and simply dig in

The internal work's most important you know for everything else flows from that 
So I trust when I see and open door that if I can grow inside the outside will follow

No one can know all the work
that goes into growing one's inside
in quiet wee hours
save she alone 

For hidden away, quiet and steady, she grows herself well 
midst the tears and the sorrow of letting things go
and letting things come and not shutting off the good work

For moment by moment as she grows herself 
the business is growing as well 
The clients come in, the paychecks go out
all because she grew herself 

It's tempting to think when the schedule fills up
I'll skip the wee hours of internal work 
I'm too busy I can't take the time 

But it's weird how the things that we spend our time on
go better if we take that pause 
and if we do not, then things fall apart
all in the craziest way 

Take time, my dear daughters to love on yourself
and time to get grounded and still 
for everything else that you do grows from that
you cannot afford just to skip 

I trust when you see an open door 
that your heart will remind you 
to care for it first so always you'll have what it takes 

Dear daughter, you have what it takes.  Go through the open door.