The Weeds

A Poem

By, Rhonda Hostetter

Sometimes, we get stuck in the weeds and cannot find our way.
We think we’re all alone and feel like giving up today.

For after all, we think we’ll never find the path again, 
and even if we do get back on track again, you see,
the chance of slipping back into the weeds, is always there.  

We wonder is it even worth it now to keep on trying? 
The dreams inside us are still there, At least, we hope they are,
For in the weeds it feels as though they've shriveled up and died,
And we may never do the thing we dreamed we could have tried.

It seems like hope is lost right now and giving up is best, 
before we hurt the ones we love, 
and drag them through the mess. 

Then in the weeds when hope feels lost
we hear a voice say, 
“Try again, your dream is real, it wants to happen, let it.” 

And then we realize all this time we’re standing in our way, 
if somehow we can figure out the inner work today,
we’ll see that we already know the way out of the weeds. 

We step out to the light and find our way back to the path, 
we see that we had settled back for less instead of more, 
for fear of what the 'more' might mean, it seemed too hard to try.  

Distracted, we had settled down to hide among the weeds,
in hopes that we could wait it out
and then emerge in quiet.

We thought that somehow we could slip back into what life was,
and we could let that dream behind, and just go back to normal. 

Just put our head down, do the work and let the dream alone.
How happy we could be if we just let it go to die.
After all, who cares anyway, it probably wouldn't happen.
We tell ourselves these lies when we are Hiding in the weeds

We can be true to ourselves, though, and stop to sort it out.
Although we’re scared and know it's bigger than we ever thought,
still we're exploding in ourselves, we have to let it out! 

The thought of showing up full power might be too much for some
and being small seems like the only safe path we can trust, 
we’ve grown up learning to fit in, and not to make a fuss.  

Calm and quiet, meek and mild…traits all good girls should have.
Standing up and being heard could come across as brash,
or even worse it could cause divide and upset all the peace.

And we would never want to overshadow some who try so hard,
yet life has been unkind to them, it hurts us oh to think
of how they’d feel had things gone right for us another time. 

And so, unless we shift our mindset to the truth we seek, 
we’ll still be stuck and in our way, it happens in the mind. 

When we begin to hear the heart and latch to truth and build,
reshaping every part from ground up, taking out the lies.
Replacing word by word with new beliefs that serve, not stop
until we see we’ve built our bridge and come out of the weeds.

We’ve outgrown those beliefs and turned to furthering our work,
We shift our mindset once again to serve, and not to stop,
then less and less we’re in the weeds as Growth becomes our