To Blog or Not To Blog

By, Rachel Kline

When I start working with a client who needs help with social media, the first thing I ask is "do you have a blog?" Why is a blog SO important? Well, if you don't have your own blog, where is your content coming from? In this post I want to share my top four reasons for starting a blog this summer (if you don't already have one)! And if you do, but you've been inconsistent or short on ideas, you'll also want to keep reading.

1. A Blog Helps Establish Credibility

First things first, a blog is a great place to establish yourself as an expert. Whether you claim to be the most up and coming clothing boutique or the area's number one lifestyle photographer, a blog is the perfect place to offer your knowledge and share your experience. If your website doesn't have a FAQ page, your blog is a great place to answer questions and provide detailed answers for your audience. You can share photos from a recent project or step by step instructions for styling a new piece of jewelry. Show your audience that you are the real deal and there’s more to your business than a short Instagram caption – entice them to “keep reading” and expand on popular topics on your blog. Don’t forget to include a bold call to action with each post. As you establish your credibility you build your client’s trust in your products and services, converting web users to customers as they purchase your products or sign up for your workshops!

2. A Blog is a Great Way to Keep Your Website Fresh

Adding new content to your website is great for SEO purposes. A blog is a simple way to add keyword phrases on a weekly or monthly basis that can increase your Google ranking and help you highlight your skills and services. For example, if you're an organizer writing a post about a recent project you could direct people to "click here to learn about my hourly consultation services." Or, share a link to your products page or a previous blog post with links to your favorite organization items. (Affiliate links if you’ve got them!) Be sure to always have a call to action at the end of your post where people can contact you, book a service, or buy your products.

3. A Blog Provides You with Endless Social Media Content

A blog is the easiest way to create content you can share on social media. Sure you can share someone else's articles or tips, but then you're sending your audience to their websites when you should be bringing them to yours! When you have original content to share, you can control the information you're providing your followers on social media, and you can make one blog post go a long way. You can share a link to your post, a photo from your post, a graphic you designed to go with your post, a video you created to give people a preview of the content that’s in your post… The options are truly endless. If there’s one piece of advice you take from this article, I hope it’s this: A blog post can and should be shared more than once. For more tips on how to make your content go further, click here.

4. A Blog Will Be There When Social Media Is Not

Yes, as important as social media is, it may not always be here. Remember that day a few months ago when Instagram was down for [gasp] 12+ hours!?? If you rely on teaching through IG Live or spreading your message through thoughtfully curated posts that’s great – but when your account is down you need another way to reach your audience and get your content in their hands. This is where an email list is absolutely essential, and a blog is their final destination. New course? New post or product? Get the info in their inbox and get your audience to your blog or custom landing page.

If you haven't started a blog yet, this summer is the perfect time to step up your social media game. Need a quiet place to write, or a place to feel inspired? I would love to see you at the Inspire Business Community Coworking Space. It’s open M-F and they have convenient punch passes if you simply want to pop in from time to time. Not only will you leave the space with fresh ideas, you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee while you’re working and meet other local businesswomen. Blogging doesn't have to be a headache, it's just a matter of creating a plan and sticking with it.