Business can be lonely when you're the only one in your corner.  Mastermind brings together like-minded women and creates a safe place to share challenges and get wisdom and input from others in a similar stage of business.  

We are working on our 2020 Mastermind lineup. Groups will focus on a certain topic ranging from Awareness around Money and Bookkeeping to doing the Inner Work, Discover Who You Are and Unleashing Your True Essence. If you’d like to be placed on a wait list for new groups opening in 2020, fill out the application form below.

We will also be holding a Mastermind Sampling on October 19, 9 am-11 am where you can meet each of the Mastermind Facilitators and learn more about their groups as well as register and sign up to save your spot in the group of your choice. You’ll get to meet lots of inspiring women and enjoy coffee and pastries while you chat so you don’t want to miss it!




  • 6-8 Motivated, Successful Women (non-competing businesses) 

  • In Business for 1 Year or More


  • Meeting January 2019-November 2019

  • 9:15 am-12:15 pm in INSPIRE Office


  • Positive Focus Celebrating Wins and Goals Reached 

  • Sharing Business Challenges 

  • Intentional Listening, Group Brainstorming & Creative Solutions

  • Action Steps, Goal Setting & Accountability 

  • Ongoing Communication, Support, and Resources


  • In-person Masterminding 

  • All Day Mastermind (all groups together) 

    • 5 speakers, breakouts, collaboration

  • 3 Enneagram Triad Workshops

  • Private Facebook Group

  • All Day INSPIRE Gathering 

  • Head Shot 

  • (6) 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Mastermind groups are available for five, six & seven figure businesses.




Name: Brit Chandler

Business: Social Strategy Co.

How has mastermind helped you?

“The combination of joining mastermind and receiving 1-on-1 coaching in 2017 is the reason my business, which launched in Dec of 2016, is already profitable. As a single mom of 2, I am easily providing for my family through my young business, without investing thousands of dollars to start up. The accountability and feedback from each of my mastermind gal’s has been monumental to the growth of my business, not to mention the word-of-mouth referrals that keep my business thriving. I am in the middle of a huge product launch, and I would have never gotten to this point if not for this group. If you are on the fence about joining a mastermind, get off the fence and join. Your mastermind members will become your business cheerleaders. Don’t just invest in your business, invest in yourself this year.” 


Name: Alison Pidgeon

Business: Move Forward Counseling

How has mastermind helped you?

“It feels like going to therapy for my business! I don't have many people to talk to about business stuff and mastermind group is a safe space to share struggles and new ideas. It has helped me to grow my business skills.”

JKS_2015 06_Dieffenbach 54.jpg

Name: Janelle Stoltzfus

Business: JKS and Co

How has mastermind helped you?  

"Being part of a Mastermind group has been a deal maker in our business.  You might think these ladies will give you all the great ideas you need for your company, directions to take and things to do that will grow your business, but it's deeper than that. It's a support team that is rallying for you, a friend that will hear you out, wipe a tear or give you a pat on the back, kick in the pants or an extra large coffee!  They are my cheerleaders and my hope feeders! Make a priceless investment into yourself and into your business by joining a Mastermind group!"


Name: Shyla Rohrer 

Business: Shyla Kaye Design Co

How has mastermind helped you?

"Being able to talk openly about my business without fear of judgement, competition and just having a trusted group of genuinely interested creative's to listen and bounce ideas off of is just the best thing I have ever been a part of."



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