Woo Woo Workshops

with Kelly Whalen Brandsmith


Radiate & Embrace Your Biz’s Inner Light with
Small, Intimate Workshops that let you SHINE

$37 through December 2019

What to Expect with Each Workshop:

  • Lively group discussions. Let your LIGHT shine :)

  • Dedicated one-on-one time. That's why it's interactive + intimate!

  • Action steps for immediate change! Let's GO.

  • One 20 minute follow-up call with Kelly to check-in and track your progress/discoveries.


Unleash Your True Essence

November 15 //
10 am to Noon

Gift yourself an opportunity to take a few steps back, breathe, release what you no longer need, and then dive into who YOU are, what REALLY serves you (and your biz), and discover or refine that TRUE ESSENCE that is the backbone of what you put out into the world. Are you ready to embrace the badass that you are???


Crafting Your Brand Vibe

December 13 //
10 am to Noon

Align the TRUE ESSENCE of who you are to seamlessly sync up with your biz. Create the VOICE, MESSAGE — even a MANTRA — and OFFERINGS that embrace that essence. Gain clarity and guidelines to empower biz decisions now and for future growth. THIS is the backbone of your brand and essential to a truly aligned mission.


Nailing Your Brand Vibe

October 29 //
10 am to Noon

Discover the Colors, Imagery, Fonts & More that Beautifully Expresses Your Biz. This limited seat sesh gives you an opportunity to take a focused look into the visual essence of your business's brand. Well what is a “brand” exactly and why does everyone keep telling me I need one? We’ll answer that right away. And then we’ll go deeper.