with Rhonda Hostetter

Sessions are tailored to fit the needs of each individual client.

  • discover what you love to do that gives you energy and people are willing to pay for

  • create delegation plans allowing you to stay focussed on what you’re good at

  • develop awareness around what comes easy for you and let go of some parts of your business that you don’t love and that take up your mental energy and brain space

  • begin focusing energy on what you’re passionate about so you’re excited to get out of bed in the morning

Rhonda sends out a short paragraph of her writing daily at 8 pm. You can sign up through the link below to receive this text each evening.



Name: Abigail Jeter

Business: Abigail Rose Photography

"Coaching with Rhonda not only enhanced and impacted my business, but also touched me deeply on a personal level that in return inspired and impacted me as a business owner ."

Before coaching with Rhonda, my cup always felt empty, and through one-on-one coaching, I learned how to not live on empty....but how to take the time t0 refuel and have more to give to me and my business..."


Name: Jodi Anderson

Business: Photography by Jodi Anderson

How has coaching helped you?  

"Who knew that the biggest hindrance on my journey into wedding photography would be myself? I discovered that I was carrying a wagon load of misconceptions ranging from how I saw myself as a business owner, how I marketed myself and my product, and perhaps most damaging, my perception of how I was seen by others. Rhonda stepped in and with a calm and reassuring authority helped clear out these misconceptions one by one and helped me craft a clear vision of what I wanted for my business. Through specific goal setting, a process of implementing changes, replacing negative thinking patterns with strong, positive affirmation. I found myself stepping into situations that I would have found too challenging before coaching. Venturing into the world of small business is huge. I found that it was vital to begin on a firm foundation and with an empty wagon. The road is now open and I am on my way."

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 3.32.15 PM.jpg

Name: Heike Martin

Business: Heike Martin Photography

How has coaching helped you?

"I highly recommend Rhonda as a thoughtful business coach for women entrepreneurs. Her approach is gentle and focussed and helps you to receive clarity as to where you are and what steps you need to take to move your business forward. If you want to thrive connect with Rhonda."


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